Toned & Sculpted Shoulder Exercises for Women

By Joanna 16/09/2019 In
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Upper Body


When you think of Michelle Obama’s physique, what’s the most prominent feature, it has got to be her toned and sculpted set of shoulders.

A droopy set of shoulders tend to make the person look sluggish and lack in confidence. With strong shoulders, we stand a little taller, carry ourselves with a bit more confidence and this can boost ourselves estimate. Plus, you will also look good in any clothes you wear.

Here are 5 really effective shoulder isolation exercises that will give you a more rounded and lifted pair of shoulders.

1) Dumbbell Shoulder Press

2) Side Lateral Raise

3) Upright Row to Front Raise

4) Face Pull

5) Bent Over Reverse Fly


Complete 12 - 15 reps each x3 sets

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