Toned Arms & Back Towel workout

By Joanna 21/10/2014 In
Workout With Me
Upper Body


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I've created this workout because I've received lots of feedbacks from you guys requesting an upper body workout without weights. So here you go! Your good old towel can be just as effective as working with dumbbells, resistance band or machines.

1) Shoulder Front Full Raise
2) Lat Pull Down
3) Sliding Push-ups
4) Triceps Pull
5) Bicep Curls

Structure: 50 secs Workout, 10 secs rest - a total of 5 intervals (repeat 3 sets). Rest between 30 - 60 secs between sets.

Total Workout Time: 16 - 17 mins (3 sets)

Important Tip: For an effective workout, be sure to keep your towel straight and tense throughout the workout. Pull the towel harder for more resistance.

Lots of Love xx

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