The Ultimate Abs Challenge for a Flat Tummy

By Joanna 14/05/2013 In
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Abs & Core


This is the Ultimate Plank challenge for a Flat Tummy and Strong Core.
Challenge yourself to a 5-minute plank without stopping. It's not an easy challenge, but if you were to do it 2 -- 3 times per week, you'll definitely see results!

I've included 10 different variations of planks, each lasting 30 seconds.
1) Regular Plank
2) Spiderman Plank
3) Rocking Plank
4) Side Plank (Right)
5) Side Plank (Left)
6) Plank Up-Down
7) Alternate Plank
8) Plank Jacks
9) Cross Plank
10) Reverse Plank

Try to last as long as you can, keep trying until you can hold it throughout the entire 5 minutes. This is actually my 1st time doing it myself, and I am glad I managed to finish it (although I was half dead at the end).

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Lots of Love xx

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