Sculpted Inner Thighs, Legs & Bums

By Joanna 14/10/2014 In
Workout With Me
Lower Body


This workout will give you sculpted inner thighs, legs and bums.
1) Forward to Backward Lunge
2) Plyo Lunge
3) Sumo Squats
4) Tip Toe Pulses
5) Jump Squats

Goal: To complete 10 repetitions for each exercise and a total of 3 sets. Aim to rest no more than 60 secs between sets.
Workout Duration: Under 10 minutes.
Estimated Calories Burned: 80 - 110 Calories (3 sets)
Progression: To progress increase the repetitions to 12 reps, increase to 4 sets, shorter rest time between sets or lift a pair of dumbbells to increase the intensity (between 2 - 4kgs each)
For best result, perform this workout 2-3 times weekly with a combination of other total body workouts, and remember to eat a well balanced diet!

Lots of Love xx

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