Low Impact Squat & Lunge Challenge (500 Reps!) | Joanna Soh

By Joanna 29/11/2021 In
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Lower Body
Low Impact


Are you ready to fire up your lower body? This low impact squat & lunge challenge will leave your legs crying but the results will be totally worth it. By the end of the workout, you would have completed a total of 500 reps of exercises targeting the lower body!

Duration: 25 minutes

Estimated Calories Burned: 200 - 250 Cals

Sequence: 50 reps for each exercise


  1. Prisoner Squat & Twist
  2. Forward & Back Lunge
  3. Plie Touch Down
  4. 3D Lunge
  5. Narrow to Wide Squat
  6. Side Lunge Kick
  7. Squat Lateral Walk
  8. Curtsy to Sumo
  9. Lunge Knee Driver
  10. Squat Pulses


Share your progress with me on IG & FB @joannasohofficial #500squatlungechallenge



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