Low Impact Beginner Home Exercises

By Joanna 14/01/2014 In
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Hi my lovelies, I've listened to your concerns / requests and so I've filmed a "Low Impact Beginner Home Exercises" for those of you who are new to exercising. I know that every one of us needs a starting point and most workouts can be tough especially when you are still building your stamina and strength.

This "Low Impact Beginner Home Exercises" is designed to help kickstart your fitness programme. This workout is a combination of Cardio, Strength & Core in order for you to get an effective workout. It is also gentle on your knees and low back, so it's suitable for those of you who have low back pain, previous lower back injury, or perhaps your current weight does not permit you to do any running or vigorous movements.

I've taken the time to explain each exercise move in detail. Throughout the workout, your aim is to keep perfecting your exercise posture and technique. Practising the proper workout form and posture from day 1 is extremely crucial to maximise workout performance, results, to avoid any injuries and also to avoid any bad exercise habits. So do pay attention to your posture and you can practise in front of a mirror if needed.

The total workout time is about 20 minutes, and you will be looking at burning between 100-150 calories. If you are able, you can challenge yourself to another set by repeating the video 2-3 times. Do this workout 3 times weekly for the next 4 weeks. After 4 weeks, you can progress by starting by "Beginner Fat Burning Workout" video.


Remember that being consistent with your workout is the way to build strength, stamina and to also gain the results you want (weight loss, fitter body etc). All the best and I hope that this workout video will be the starting point to your regular workout routine. =)

Cardio (40secs each exercise)
1) Leg Curls
2) Reach & Twist
3) Knee-Cross Crunch
4) Windmill Step

Strength Training
1) Squats -- 20reps
2) Knee push-ups -- 10reps
3) Lunges -- 10reps on each side
4) Tripod Row -- 10reps on each side

1) Single Knee Tucks - 10reps
2) Plank (15secs hold, release and repeat once more)

Lots of Love xx

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