Long & Lean Calf Exercises

By Joanna 17/09/2018 In
Workout With Me
Lower Body


I used to be extremely self conscious about my calves because they appear bulky and they are the muscles we tend to neglect as well. Over the years, I've incorporate a lot more jump-based exercises which helped to improve the appearance of my calves, making them long and lean.


Interval: 45secs Workout 15secs Rest

Sets: 2 (advance, aim for 3 - 4 sets)

Rest: 60 secs in between circuits

Total Workout Time: 12 mins



1) Jumping Rope

2) In & Out Steps

3) Shuffle

4) Squat Jump

5) Single Leg Calf Raises

6) Downward Walking Dog


These are 6 exercises I do regularly!! Add them into your fitness routine. Your calves will be on fire and if you keep them consistent, you will see results! You can even do these workout as your cardio or warm-up.

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