Inner & Outer Thighs Kickboxing Blaster

By Joanna 16/11/2017 In
Workout With Me
Lower Body


Move those hips! This workout will give you leaner and toner Inner & Outer Thighs. It combines both strength and cardio-based exercises for best results! No equipment needed!


1) Curtsy Lunge

2) Side Kicks

3) In-Out Wide Squat Twist

4) Knee Strikes

5) Side Plank Crunch

6) Inner Thigh Lift

7) Wide Scissors

8) Kneel to Squat


Interval: 30secs workout with 15 secs rest - 8 Intervals - 2 Rounds

Goal: Beginners x2 rounds Intermediate x4 rounds


To progress:

  • Choose the advance option.
  • Increase the workout time to 45 secs
  • Do more sets.
  • Hold a pair of light weighted dumbbells
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