Inner & Outer Thigh (Sculpted Hips & Thighs)

By Joanna 28/09/2020 In
Workout With Me
Lower Body


Let’s sculpt and shape our hips and thighs! All of the moves in this routine are very dynamic and work the inner and outer thighs, plus glute muscles from multiple angles. No equipment needed, just your bodyweight!

We’ll begin with standing movements in the 1st circuit, and we’ll work on the mat for the 2nd circuit. Do this workout 2 - 3 times weekly, and you’ll start to notice a difference in the shape of your hips, thighs and glutes!


Sequence: 40 secs Work - 20 secs Rest

Estimated Calories Burned: 180 - 230 Cals


CIRCUIT 1 (Standing)

1) Sumo Squat

2) Side Lunge Knee Lift

3) Curtsy Lunge

4) Lateral Squat Walk

5) Criss Cross Squat Jump


CIRCUIT 2 (On Mat)

1) Fire Hydrant

2) Side Raises

3) Inner Thigh Lift

4) Frog Bridge

5) Plank Thruster



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