How to Stretch Correctly

By Joanna 29/07/2014 In
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Warmup / Stretches


When it comes to overall fitness, stretching plays a major part and should be given equal importance as your workout.

When done properly stretching can:
1) Increase flexibility
2) Reduce post-exercise muscle soreness
3) Enhance your fitness performance
4) Reduce the risk of injury
5) Reduce muscle tension
6) Increase physical and mental relaxation

There are many different types of stretches depending on your fitness goal. I’ll be sharing 2 basic stretches, which should be done before and after every workout session; Dynamic Stretching & Static Stretching. Watch this video to learn about the different stretches, when to do them and tips to increase flexibility.

Stretching tends to be underemphasised in most training, but remember it is as important as your workouts. It doesn’t take long at all, spending just 5 minutes to stretch before and after a workout can make a huge difference to your overall fitness performance long term. All the best! xx

Lots of Love xx

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