How to do a Proper Warm Up Before Exercising

By Joanna 24/02/2015 In
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Warmup / Stretches


The first rule when it comes to exercising is DO NOT SKIP YOUR WARM-UP! It is very important to fully prepare not just your body, but also your mind for the work that awaits you. By just spending 5 – 10 minutes to warm-up, you’ll be able to build more strength, burn more calories, push yourself further and achieve better results.

Let’s do this quick 5 minutes warm-up together. Only 10 exercises, 30 seconds each with no rest in between.

1) Jump Rope
2) Overhead Reach & Crunch
3) Jumping Jacks
4) Lateral Step Toe Touch
5) Cross Jacks

Dynamic Stretches
1) Lunge with Overhead Reach
2) Alternating Side Lunge
3) Inchworm
4) Glute Bridge
5) Kneeling Extension Rotation

Need a longer warm up session? Increase each workout to 1 minute long.

Lots of Love xx

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