Get Rid of Armpit Fat & Bra Bulge (5 Exercises)

By Joanna 21/06/2018 In
Workout With Me
Upper Body


Ladies, we can get extremely self-conscious when it comes to the armpit fat or bra bulge area. The good news is that, with regular strength training, you can tone up your chest, shoulders and arms and reduce the appearance of armpit fat & bra bulge. Do this workout consistently!


1 minute - Perform each exercise for 45 seconds with 15 seconds Rest
Total Workout Time: 12 minutes Sets: 2 (challenge yourself by doing 3 - 4 sets)
Equipment: One pair of light weight dumbbells, 1 - 2kgs each
Estimated Calories Burned: 70 - 100 Cals
Frequency: 3 - 4 times weekly on alternate days

1) Hinge to Reverse Fly
2) Round the World
3) Bridge Chest Fly
4) Wide to Narrow Push-ups
5) Pulling Weights

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