Explosive Cardio & Core at Home (No Equipment)

By Joanna 09/04/2020 In
Workout With Me
Total Body HIIT


Ready to take your home workout to the next level? Here's a workout to challenge you!
20 Minutes of Explosive HIIT to work on your Cardio & Core!
No equipment needed! Repeat each circuit x2

Circuit 1
1) Kneel to Squat
2) Knee Driver
3) Plank Jacks with Knee Tucks
4) Squat & Twist

Circuit 2
1) Squat Jumps and Sprawl
2) Punches with Explosive Lunges
3) Bear Crawl
4) Plank Rock & Hip Dip

Estimated Calories Burned: 170 - 250Cals

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