Build Your ABS: Total Body Strength

By Joanna 16/03/2020 In
Workout With Me
Abs & Core
Strength Training


Building a STRONG CORE is the first step toward making maximal gains in strength and power, and performing any kind of skilled athletic movement. Believe it or not, you CAN build rock-solid core strength without doing crunches! These are 7 total body strength exercises which will also activate your core muscles, build strength and get your heart rate up!

1) Reverse Lunge - Shoulder Press
2) Plank Row - Knee Tucks
3) Bridge Fly - Reverse Crunch
4) Spiderman Push-ups
5) Rotational Plank
6) Superman Squeeze
7) Y-Scap Jump

Duration: 28 Mins

Sequence: 7 exercises - 3 Circuits (40 secs Workout - 20 secs Rest)
Estimated Calories Burned: 250 - 350 Cals

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