Best Exercises for APPLE Shapes to Slim Down

By Joanna 17/06/2014 In
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Total Body HIIT


Apple Shaped Women, you have a heavier upper body, carry more weight around the waistline, with a smaller lower body. This workout aims to slim down the upper body & core, and to increase lean muscles in the legs & butt to balance your body out.

Equipments: 1 pair of light dumbbells (2-3kgs) and 1 pair of heavy dumbbells (8-10kgs)

Duration: 15 minutes per circuit (Beginner: 2 circuits, Intermediate: 3 circuits, Advance: 4 circuits). Rest no more than 1 minute between circuits.

1) Bent-over Row & Reverse Fly (x15)
2) Fly with Leg Extension (x15)
3) Bicep Curls to Alternating Should Presses (x15)
4) Deadlifts (x10)
5) Push-up with Rotation (x15)
6) Lateral & Front Raises (x15)
7) Tricep Dips (x20)
8) Lunges (x10 each side)
9) Plank Up-Down (x15)
10) Crunch & Reach (x20)

I burned 130Cals in 15 mins based on my height & weight at 159cms / 48.5kgs. =)

For best results, perform this workout 3 times weekly on alternate days combine with your cardio 3-4 times weekly for at least 40 minutes on the other days.

Choose LOW IMPACT cardio if you have delicate ankles / knees or if you are overweight: swimming, cycling, rowing, stepper, cross trainer or walk on the treadmill on an incline (Do not hold the handles!). Kickboxing is another good cardio to slim the upper body. Follow my Kickboxing exercises here:

Lots of Love xx

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