Advance Strength Training at Home

By Joanna 12/03/2018 In
Workout With Me
Strength Training
Low Impact


Want to take your strength training up the next level? Do this total body strength training! This is a really effective routine which you can do from home.


1) Squat with Single Arm Shoulder Press

2) Bent Over Row to Deadlift

3) Lunge & Twist

4) Plank Row Push-up

5) T-Raises

6) Full Crunch with Leg Raise


Repetitions: 10 - 12

Sequence: Repeat 2 sets.

Total Workout Time: 20 mins

To progress:

  • Repeat a total of 3 - 4 rounds.
  • Lift heavier
  • Take shorter break in between each exercise.
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