8-Minute Lazy Couch Workout

By Joanna 06/05/2016 In
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Total Body HIIT


Had a long day? Feeling tired? Don't end your day feeling crappy. Complete this quick 8-Minute Couch Workout while watching TV. Great for BEGINNERS & also suitable for all levels. It's a total body workout, low impact (no jumping!), gentle on the knees & lower back.

I've designed this workout for those of you who are really busy and don't have time to fit in a long workout session or head to the gym. Or perhaps you're just too lazy. Instead of just sitting on your bum, do this while watching your favourite TV programme.

All you need is 8 minutes, and your couch. Complete this workout before the end of your day. Trust me, you'll sleep better, and feel more energetic the next day.

Duration: 8 minutes.
Estimated Calories Burned: 55 - 65Cals.
Structure: 8 intervals. 45 secs Workout, 15 secs Rest
Frequency: Can be done daily for a quick & effective total body workout.
Equipment: Just your body! (and couch)

1) Half Squats
2) Elevated Push-ups
3) Single Leg Lunge (left)
4) Single Leg Lunge (right)
5) Tricep Dips
6) Climber
7) Knee Tucks
8) Flutter Kicks

Turn this into a full 30-minute workout and complete 3 - 4 sets!

They are compound exercises targeting all the major muscles in your body, which is the best way to burn fat, increase lean muscles and boost your metabolism. Be sure to LIKE & SHARE this workout with your family and friends. Let's get fit together! xx

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