8-Minute Fat Burning CHAIR Workout

By Joanna 05/02/2018 In
Workout With Me
Strength Training
Low Impact


All you need is a CHAIR to BURN lots of calories! Do this workout from home! This workout is low impact and great for beginners.


1) Chair Squat

2) Spiderman Push-ups

3) Chair Step-ups

4) Side Lunges

5) Standing Kickbacks

6) Tricep Dips

7) Single Leg Lunges

8) Calf Raises

9) Knee Tucks


Interval: 30secs Workout 10sec Rest - 9 Intervals

Sequence: Repeat 2 sets.

Total Workout Time: 8 mins per set

To progress:

  • Repeat a total of 3
  • 4 rounds.
  • Increase the workout time to 40 secs without any rest in between.
  • You can choose to lift a pair of light dumbbells.
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