5-Minute Morning Stretches to Power Your Day

By Joanna 26/08/2016 In
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Warmup / Stretches


5 simple stretches to energise your morning for you to have an AMAZING day ahead! Do these exercises daily 1st thing in the morning.

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You can perform this workout anywhere and anytime (especially when you are feeling sleepy, tired or lack of energy).

1) Inchworm to Upwards Dog
2) Plank to Downwards Dog
3) Squat with Side Crunches
4) Groiners
5) Alternate Lunges

Interval: 5 Exercises - 50secs Workout - 10secs Rest
Sets: Complete 1 set to gently wake your body up or 2 sets for a deeper stretch.
Duration: 5 minutes (1 set)
Estimated Calorie Burned: 30 - 40Cals
Best Result: Perform this workout every morning on an empty stomach to increase your energy level, boost your metabolism & to have an AMAZING day ahead!

Lots of Love xx

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