4-Week Summer Shred Challenge

By Joanna 30/06/2021 In
Workout With Me
Total Body HIIT


It’s the summer season! Let’s get shredded with this 5-4-3-2-1 Challenge! In just 15 minutes this workout targets all areas of the body without using any equipment. You will complete 5 minutes of Cardio, 4 minutes of Lower Body Strength, 3 minutes of Upper Body Strength, 2 minutes of Abs and 1 minute of Plank. The 5-4-3-2-1 sequence may be performed twice for a longer workout if desired.

Sequence: 45 secs Work - 15 secs Rest

Duration: 20 minutes

Estimated Calories Burned: 200 Cals

Workout Type: HIIT & Strength Conditioning


5-Minute Cardio

1) Jacks to Sprawl

2) Side to Side Shuffle

3) Lateral Bear Crawl

4) In-Out Squat Jump

5) Plank Jacks & Mountain Climber


4-Minute Lower Body Strength

1) Kneel to Squat

2) Reverse Lunge Kickback

3) Squat to Reverse Lunge

4) Curtsy to Side Lunge


3-Minute Upper Body Strength

1) Staggered Push-up

2) Up-Down Plank

3) Superman to High Plank


2-Minute Abs

1) Full Body Crunch

2) Flutter Kicks to Knee Tucks


1-Minute PLANK



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