4-Week HIIT Legs, Bums, Tums Beach Body

By Joanna 03/06/2016 In
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Lower Body


Summer is almost here, let's get Beach Body ready in 4 weeks! Complete this 10 minutes Legs, Bums & Tums workout. Suitable for all levels. 4 VERY effective High Intensity lower body exercises to lean up, burn fat, get stronger, look good and feel good.

Summer is almost here, and we want to get beach body ready for our vacation. Commit only 10 minutes everyday, do this workout consistently for the next 4 - 6 weeks, and you will lean up, burn fat, burn calories, look better and feel better.

Share your before and after picture with me. #JSohActive

1) Squat to Forward Lunge
2) Side to Side Shuffle
3) Alternate Lunge Touch Down
4) Kangaroo Hops

Duration: 10 minutes
Estimated Calories Burned: 80 - 100Cals
Structure: 4 intervals per set. 45 secs Workout, 15 secs Rest
Sets: 2 (or 4 sets to challenge yourself further)
Equipments: None. Just your body!
Best Result: Perform this workout 3 - 4 times weekly on alternate days and combine with my other 'Beach Body Workout Series'

Lots of Love xx

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