4-Week Bikini Body Slim Down

By Joanna 19/06/2015 In
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Total Body HIIT


This 4-Week Bikini Body Slim Down combines total body strength, cardio and abs, which is the most effective way to burn fat and tone up. This workout is great for everybody; advance and also with easier option for beginners.

Workout Duration: Under 20 minutes
Intervals: 45 secs workout, 15 secs rest interval. 8 intervals per set.
Set: 2 - 3 sets (rest 1 min in between sets)
Calories Burned: 205Cals according to my height at 159cm and weight at 49kgs.
No equipment needed!

1) Lunge Hop
2) Single Leg Push-up
3) Squat with Rotation
4) Superman to Push-up
5) Sumo Squat with Side Bend
6) Side Plank Crunch
7) Crunch Frog
8) In & Out Hops

Best Results: Do this workout 3 - 4 times weekly on alternate day AND eat a well balanced diet.

p/s Do not skip your warm-up & cool down. Aim to do 5-10 at least mins.

Lots of Love xx

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