4-Week 100 Ab Challenge in Bed!

By Joanna 05/08/2016 In
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Abs & Core


Want a stronger core & flatter tummy in 4 weeks? Complete this 100 Ab Challenge in BED! 

10 exercises. 10 reps per exercise. No equipment needed, just you & your energy! You can do this workout in the morning or before going to bed.

1) Roll Up & Twist
2) Full Crunches
3) Half V-Tucks
4) Cross Tucks
5) Reverse Crunches
6) Windshield Wipers
7) Scissors
8) 4-time Abs
9) Flutter Kicks
10) Plank Rock

Duration: Under 10 minutes
Estimated Calorie Burned: 50 - 60Cals
Best Result: Perform this workout 3 - 4 times weekly and combine it with total body strength training & cardio.

Core includes the abs, lower and mid back, pelvic and also hip muscles. It's entire mid section that work together to support your spine and body.

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