4-Minute High Intensity Fat Burning Ab Workout

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Quick High Intensity Fat Burning AB Workout for Flatter Tummy! Only 4 minutes, 4 exercises, 20 seconds of workout with 10 seconds rest interval. No equipment needed. It is short but intense. Don’t forget to warm before exercising. Here are the workouts:

1) Mountain Climber
2) Twisting Knee Tucks
3) Plank Jacks
4) Froggie

For best results, do this workout 2 - 3 times weekly on alternate days. Combine these exercises with your total body workout routine. If you stay consistent and eat a well balanced diet, in 4 - 6 weeks time, you will see and feel the difference! =)

Common Questions:
1) How often should I do this workout?
Absolute beginners, aim for 1 set. As you progress, increase to 2 - 3 sets. For best result, do this workout 2-3 times weekly on alternate days.

2) Should I only do this workout?
For best result, combine it with consistent total body workouts (3-4 times weekly) and have a healthy, clean, balanced diet (that's a huge part to getting a flat belly). You can refer to my other workout videos for an effective total body workouts. If you are a beginner, try my "Beginner Fat Burning" workout video with this. =)
Click here: http://youtu.be/C8LxBcVjJK4

3) When will I start to see the difference (or get a flat belly)?
For this workout and any other workouts in general, you should feel and see the difference in 4-6 weeks. This varies individually depending on how much body fat you have to lose. The safe and sustainable weight loss ratio is 1-2lbs per week. Again, combine this workout with total body workouts to burn off the excess fat.

4) Can I do this workout more frequently for quicker results?
Doing this workout more frequently doesn't equal quicker result, it's a combination of total body workouts to burn the excess fat off and a good clean diet. Allowing your muscles to rest and recover is as important too - hence do it on alternate days.

5) I feel the strain on my lower back instead of abs and my lower back is arching. Am I doing it wrong?
If you are new to this workout, It's comment to arch our back because our abs muscles are not as strong yet. Slow down the pace and focus on getting the right technique initially. So only bring your legs down as low as you can without arching your back. It's alright if it's only half way through because it's more important that we don't feel the strain on our lower back, and focus on working the ab muscles. You can also support your lower back by placing your hand directly under your lower back. As your abs get stronger, you will find that you will be able to bring your legs down even further.

6) I want to get a flat belly in 1 week or 2 weeks. What can I do?
It's important to set yourself a realistic goal. We do not put on weight / belly fat overnight, hence it will take time for us to lose the weight too. The sooner you stop looking for shortcuts, instead trust yourself and your hard work, the sooner you will see results. Start by cleaning up your food, so no junks, fried food, soda drink and reduce the amount you eat. If you consume less than your body burns, that's when you lose weight. And of course combine it with total body workouts 5-6 days a week for quick and best result.

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Success stories come with lots of dedication and hard work.

If you are looking for a more challenging Ab Workout and to burn belly fat, try my "4-week Ab Challenge" video. Many have seen positive results from it including myself. Here's the link to the video:

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Practice makes prefect. Fitness is for life. Let's just not get obsessed over having a flat belly but to look at fitness as a way of living. Exercising gives you a healthy body, clear & balance mind, and it makes you happy and energised. Remember to love your body before you can make any changes to it. All the best! =)

Lots of Love xx

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