4-Minute Fat burning HIIT Partner Workout

By Joanna 22/01/2016 In
Workout With Me
Total Body HIIT


Having a workout buddy can motivate and push you through your workouts. I'm grateful to have met Lai, 7 years ago, when we studied and trained to become certified personal trainers. He is someone that has been motivating me to stay active and to have fun in my workouts.

So here are 4 of our favourite partner workouts to burn some REAL calories! These are short but really effective exercises to burn fat, increase stamina and strength.

1) Burpees Clap
2) Wide Squat / Elevated Push-up
3) Plank / Lateral Hop Overs
4) Partner Plank Taps

Intervals: 8 Intervals, 20 secs Workout, 10 secs Rest
Duration: 4 minutes
Sets: Beginner – 2 sets, Advance – 4 sets

Lots of Love xx

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