3KM Fat Burning Indoor Walk (Burn 450 Calories!!)

By Joanna 17/10/2020 In
Workout With Me
Low Impact


Yes, we're walking at home, but this workout is going to get your heart rate up and you'll be burning lots of calories and burn fat!!

While filming this workout, I managed to hit 3.9km (2.5miles) and also burned 350Cals in 35 minutes. You'd be burning an average of 300 - 450 calories depending on your speed of walking and also body composition. This workout also low impact and beginner friendly. Perfect for anybody to get started from home!

Sequence: 45 secs Work - 15 secs Rest

Estimated Calories Burned: 300 - 450Cals


1) March on the Spot

2) Side Step - Shoulder Tap

3) High Knee Cross

4) Heel Tap

5) Wide Step Forward

6) Skater

7) Side Leg Raise

8) Power Walk

9) Leg Curl - High Arm Pulldown

10) Double Side Step - Chest Fly

11) Knee Driver (L)

12) Knee Driver (R)

13) Front Kick

14) Side Tap

15) Double Knee Crunch

16) Step Punch




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