30-Minute Strength & Sculpt Fat Burning Circuit

By Joanna 24/02/2020 In
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Strength Training
Low Impact


This "Strength & Sculpt" class shifts your body into high gear through an intense muscle endurance and strength workout. It is a low-impact workout that uses dumbbells to condition and sculpt the entire body. We’ll start with compound exercises followed by upper body and end with core/ab exercises. It will boost your metabolism, increase lean muscle, burn fat and tone your body!

Duration: 30 minutes

Workout Interval: 3 circuits, 4 exercises each repeated twice.

Estimated Calories Burned: 220 - 350 Cals

Equipments: A pair of medium-weight dumbbells, 3 - 5kgs and a pair of light weight dumbbells, 1 - 2kgs. (You can also improvise by using water bottles, or canned goods in place of the weights!)


1) Squat to Lunge

2) Weighted Sumo Squat

3) Narrow to Wide Squat Pulses

4) Glute Bridge

5) L to Shoulder Press

6) Side to Front Raise

7) Staggered Push-up

8) Superman Squeeze

9) Spiderman Plank

10) Knee Tucks

11) Flutter Kicks

12) Side to Side Heel Tap

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