30-Minute Low Impact CORE Functional Training (No Weights, No Jumping!)

By Joanna 17/09/2020 In
Workout With Me
Abs & Core
Strength Training
Low Impact



What is functional training? It is a form of training that works your whole body as one unit through compound exercises to build strength and muscle in a functional and balanced way. Including functional training into your routine is extremely important to improve your ability to perform the everyday activities, and to make daily motion easier and safer.

Here’s a 30-minute workout circuit to improve your strength, balance, coordination and also stamina! We'll be engaging our CORE throughout the entire workout as that's the foundation to a strong body. No equipment needed, just your own bodyweight. It's also LOW IMPACT, hence no jumping. Let's have some fun with the moves!



1) Deep Squat

2) Curtsy to Side Lunge

3) Bridge Kick

4) Bear Crawl

5) Downward Dog to Plank



1) Crab Toe Touch

2) Lateral Plank Walk Push-up

3) Russian Twist 

4) Half Turkish Get Up

5) Half Scorpion Twist


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