30-Minute Beginner Bodyweight Fat Burning Workout

By Joanna 03/08/2021 In
Workout With Me


This is a strength endurance workout where I’ll be combining total body strength training, focusing on high reps, alternating with bodyweight cardio movements. This workout is suitable for beginners and it is great for fat burning and to also build lean muscle mass! 

Workout Sequence: 40 secs Work - 20 secs Rest

Circuit: 3 rounds

Duration: 30 minutes

Estimated Calories Burned: 220 - 300 Calories

Workout Type: Strength & Endurance

Equipment: None 

CIRCUIT 1 (Lower Body)

1) Squat

2) Skater

3) Kneel to squat

4) Reverse Lunges

5) Jumping Jacks


CIRCUIT 2 (Upper Body)

1) Push-ups

2) Plank Up-Down

3) Mountain climber

4) In-Out Plank

5) Plank to Squat


CIRCUIT 3 (Core)

1) The Hundred

2) Knee Tucks

3) Bicycles

4) Flutter Kicks

5) Plank Hold


Record a video or take a picture of you doing the workout, tag me @JoannaSohOfficial #JSohActive

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