25-Min Strength Training at Home for Women to Lose Weight

By Joanna 20/05/2019 In
Workout With Me
Total Body HIIT
Strength Training


Let's build Strength, power and burn fat at the same time by combining total body strength training movements with a cardio blaster to drive your heart rate up. Minimal rest time to maximise fat burn, while increasing muscle tension. THIS is the ultimate way to burn fat, burn calories and lose weight fast!!



1) Burpee Squat & Thrust

2) Reverse Lunge with Single Arm Press

3) Ice Skater

4) Bridge Chest Fly

5) Push Row & Row

6) Mountain Climber

7) Upright Row to Front Raise

8) Reverse Fly

9) Cross Jacks


Interval: 45 secs Workout - 15 secs Rest (x3 rounds)

Duration: 25 minutes

Calories Burned: Estimated 200 - 300 Cals

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