15-Minute Gentle Morning Stretch to Power Your Day & Boost Immunity

By Joanna 02/06/2021 In
Workout With Me
Warmup / Stretches


This is a gentle stretch class focusing on healing, nurturing and boosting your immune system. By stretching and moving, we release the stagnant energy within our cells, encourage relaxation, reduce stress and start our day energised.

Sequence: 45 seconds dynamic stretch with 15 secs transition

Duration: 15 minutes


1) Cat-Cow

2) Inchworm to Upwards Dog

3) Groiners

4) Side Stretch with Rotation

5) Twisted Chair Pose

6) Side Stretch Crunch

7) Plank Cross Reach

8) Plank to High Lunge

9) Sumo Squat with Side Twist

10) Three-Legged Dog Cross Crunch

11) Glute Bridge March

12) Alternating Leg Raises



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