15-Minute Firm & Flat Abs At Home (No Equipment)

By Joanna 23/02/2021 In
Workout With Me
Abs & Core


This is a 15-minute workout to give you a Firm & Flat Abs at Home. We'll be targeting your abs from every angle, upper & lower abs, obliques and also the deep core muscles. Simple yet very effective movements, suitable for all levels! You can add this exercise at the end of your workout session. Do it 3 - 4 times weekly for best results. SHARE this workout on!

Interval: 30secs Work - 15 secs Rest (x2 each circuit)

Duration: 15 minutes


CIRCUIT 1 (Overall)

1) Full Sit-ups Russian Twist

2) Knee Tucks


CIRCUIT 2 (Deep Core)

1) Plank Knee Taps

2) Plank Rock to Hip Dip


CIRCUIT 3 (Obliques)

1) Rainbow Leg Raises

2) Side Plank Oblique Crunch


CIRCUIT 4 (Cardio)

1) Mountain Climbers

2) Plank Jacks



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