10,000 Squat & Plank Challenge (30 days!)

By Joanna 28/04/2020 In
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Lower Body
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Ready for another workout challenge? Let's complete 10,000 Squats & Planks in 30 days! It's only a 15-minute long challenge, 8 squats and 8 planks. Game on?

Complete 20 reps for each exercise.

1) Prisoner Squat

2) Plank Shoulder Tap

3) Side Squat

4) Plank Rock

5) Sumo Squat

6) Plank Hip Dip

7) Squat to Lunge

8) Short Plank Knee Tap

9) Squat Jacks

10) Plank Jacks

11) Squat with Leg Raises

12) Cross Plank

13) Narrow to Wide Squat Pulses

14) Plank Up-Down

15) Lateral Jump Squats

16) Single Leg Plank Hold

Estimated Calories Burned: 170 - 230 Cals

Regression: For those you need to take it a notch down, you can regress by removing the explosive movements, start by planking on your knees or pause the video and take longer breaks between exercises.



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