10,000 Ab & Squat Challenge in 30 Days

By Joanna 25/06/2018 In
Workout With Me
Lower Body
Abs & Core


I DARE you to complete this 10,000 Ab & Squat Challenge in 30 days! We are combining both lower body and core exercises to tone up the entire body. Do this challenge EVERY SINGLE DAY! SHARE and TAG a friend to challenge them.

Repetitions: 330 reps for the entire workout

Total Workout Time: 10 - 12 minutes (complete the exercises in the shortest time possible without sacrificing proper form)

Equipment: None. Lift some weight if you want to challenge yourself.

Estimated Calories Burned: 70 - 100 Cals

Frequency: Every day!



1) Basic Squat

2) Russian Twist

3) Plie Squat

4) Bicycle Crunches

5) Narrow Squat

6) Mountain Climbers

7) Wide to Narrow Squat

8) Flutter Kicks

9) Kneel to Squat

10) Plank Jacks

11) Plank Rock & Dip

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