What's in My Kitchen Pantry?

By Joanna 05/11/2018 In
Nutritional Tips


What's in My Kitchen Pantry? What do I eat on a daily basis? Here are my top 15 Must-Haves.


1) Teas - Drink green tea on a daily basis to support a healthy gut & weight.

2) Oats - Choose rolled oat as it’s less processed and will keep you fuller for longer.

3) Nut Butter - Buy 100% pure, without added salt / sugar or preservatives.

4) Nuts & Seeds - Buy in small packets to control your portion. Each serving is 40g!

5) Herbs & Spices - To avoid packing on added calories, flavour your food with herbs and spices.

6) Quinoa - One of the world’s healthiest grains. Red quinoa is less processed and will take longer to cook.

7) Canned beans - Very convenient and saves plenty of cooking time. Remember to rinse and drain before cooking to reduce the sodium levels.

8) Tuna cans - A very convenient source of protein. Choose tuna in water and avoid tuna in oil!

9) Supplements - Supplements will never replace proper nutrition but they can help you achieve your fitness goals quicker. You must still consume real whole foods!

10) Coconut & Olive Oil - Great to be used for cooking, baking and as a dressing.

11) Goji Berries - Very high in antioxidants and secret to youthful skin. Enjoy as snacks or top it onto salads, oatmeal, or add into water and baked goods.

12) Chia Seeds - Great as an egg replacement for vegans. Mix 1 tbsp. Chia to 3 tbsps. Water.

13) Maple Syrup - A healthier sweetener but sugar is still sugar! Consume in small quantity!

14) Nut butter powder - Nutty flavour which I like to add into my smoothie, shakes, oatmeal, and healthy muffins.

15) Chocolate drink - Indulge in moderation.


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