Is Oil Bad for You?

By Joanna 24/05/2018 In
Nutritional Tips


Are you confused when it comes to the different types of cooking oils? Which type of oils are healthy? Is it better to cook with coconut oil, olive oil, or no oil at all? Which oils should you avoid? How do you use oil when you're on a diet and cooking? And what are the benefits of cooking with oil?

To make cooking and dieting less confusing for you, I’m going to share with you 10 most common cooking oils either to add into your diet or to avoid!


The cooking oils I discuss in this video:

1) Olive Oil

2) Coconut Oil

3) Avocado Oil

4) Flaxseed Oil

5) Grapeseed Oil

6) Sesame Oil

7) Canola Oil

8) Peanut or Groundnut Oil

9) Sunflower Oil

10) Vegetable Oil

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