Skinny Carrot Cake

By Joanna 05/05/2015 In
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This Carrot Cake recipe has no butter, no artificial sugar, it's low in calories and low in fat! It is naturally sweeten, very moist, crunchy and it’s actually good for you. So you and your loved ones can enjoy the cake without feeling guilty. Watch this video for the full recipe. Please do share your Carrot Cake picture with me on Facebook and Instagram.

Earlier this month, I celebrated my mother's birthday and thought I would do something different. Instead of just buying another cake, I decided to bake her my first ever Carrot Cake and surprised her. I shared our 'special moment' on Facebook & Instagram, and you guys requested for the recipe. So here it is!

This coming Sunday is Mother's Day. Bake this cake for your mother or for your loved ones. A cake made by you with love will always taste yummier and sweeter than store bought cakes.

Lots of Love xx

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