Meal Prep to Gain Weight for Female

By Joanna 22/04/2019 In
Healthy Recipes


Most of the diet plan out there focuses on weight loss, but there are quite a number of you who has been requesting for a WEIGHT GAIN meal plan. The truth is, gaining weight can be more challenging compared to lose weight.

The 1st rule is you need to eat A LOT more than what you're currently consuming. But that doesn't mean you should be eating junk food because your body needs proper nutrient to grow your muscles in a healthy way.

An average female needs between 1600 - 2000Cals a day to maintain her weight. To gain weight, you need between 2000 - 3000Cals a day depending on your body composition & activity level. I've put together this meal plan which is above 2000Cals.

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