Bloody Halloween Dessert

By Joanna 18/10/2013 In
Healthy Recipes


This is a fun and easy Halloween Dessert to make with your friends or children. It looks spooky but taste sweet and delicious with mainly healthy ingredients. This serves up to 15 people so it's perfect for a party. Each serving has 93Cals. Have fun making it and share your pictures with me. =)

For a more healthier option (if you must!):
- Use sugar free Jelly (I used Hartley's Sugar-Free Strawberry Jelly)
- Try sugar free Jelly Beans or even Sports Jelly Beans, this is consumed by sportsmen (LOL). Jelly beans has been shown to improve mood and boost energy.
- You can use maple syrup instead of honey.

Consume your sweet dessert in moderation to lift up your mood and put a smile on your face. Happy Halloween!

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