Asian Beauty Secret 8 Treasures Tea

By Joanna 17/02/2015 In
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Happy Chinese New Year! I hope you'll enjoy this video as you get to see a much more 'relax' side of me. =)
The 8 Treasures Tea a.k.a Ba Bao Cha is an Asian secret to promote health, beauty and longevity. Make this aromatic herbal tea this festive season, plus you can drink it throughout the year too. It is so good for your body!

The "Eight Treasures" refer to the 8 main ingredients:
1) 4 Red Dates
2) 4 Ginseng Slices
3) 4 Dried Longan
4) 4 Rose Buds
5) ½ tbsp. Goji Berries
6) ½ tbsp. Green Tea
7) 1 tbsp Chrysanthemum Buds
8) 5g Cane Rock Sugar

Watch this video, as we'll explain the benefits of each ingredient, how to brew the tea and why you should drink it.

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Grace from Nyonya Cooking during her visit to Malaysia. Hop onto her channel and SUBSCRIBE for more delicious Asian recipes!
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