3 Vegetable Recipes to Lose Weight

By Joanna 06/12/2013 In
Healthy Recipes


Want to eat abundantly, yet lose weight at the same time? Then listen to your mum and eat your Veggies every day!

Yes we do need to reduce the amount/calories we eat in a day to lose weight (assuming they are mainly high calorie junks or calorie dense food which led to weight gain in the first place), but NO, do not reduce the amount of vegetables you eat. More is better. Vegetables should be the largest portion in your meal and the best part is, you don't have to count the calories. They are extremely low in calories, high in fiber, hence tricking the stomach to feeling full and it's almost impossible to overeat vegetables.

Here are 3 Christmas Vegetable Recipes, which you can make for your christmas dinner and also throughout the year. I've used very minimal ingredients because we want the highlight of the dish to be the Vegetable. We want the natural sweetness and taste to come from the veggie.

The vegetables taste equally good, served warm of cold. So you can always prep them earlier. =)

Try them out and let me know which is your favourite. xx

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