How to Workout During Ramadan

By Joanna 12/06/2015 In
Fitness Tips


When it comes to your fitness & exercising, Ramadan is when you can potentially lose a lot of muscle tone and hinder your fitness goal. Here are 10 important tips, which can help with maintaining your fitness routine during this holy month.

1) Understand your goal and be realistic.
2) How many times per week should I workout?
3) How long should my workout session be?
4) How intense should my workout be?
5) When is the best time to workout?
6) What type of exercises should I perform?
7) Be conscious of what you eat.
8) Water, Water, Water!
9) Be prepared
10) Just for the ladies

Use these guidelines and see what works best for you. A week prior to Ramadan is the perfect time to plan & prep. If you plan ahead both mentally and physically, chances are you’re more likely to succeed and stay discipline throughout the month. And of course, make sure your exercise does not affect the main focus of Ramadan. In the end, the focus of Ramadan is spiritual development, so nothing should take away from that. Have a blessed month. xx

Lots of Love xx

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