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So you're ready to start an exercise programme and lose weight! But where do you start? How? What exercises should you do? Watch this video through as I’ll be sharing the foundation for beginners to build and start a simple yet effective workout programme.

It might sound daunting, but once you know the basic and build from there, it isn’t difficult, in fact it’s a lot of fun! I've kept this video really simple and broken it down into 5 steps. So grab a paper and pen, and write down these key points.

1) Assess Your Situation
2) What Exercises Should You Do?
3) How Many Reps, Sets, Weights / Rest Time?
4) Keep Track of Your Workout

If you have answer questions in regards to building a workout plan, do leave a comment and I'll strive to answer all of them.

Here are the playlists I mentioned in the video:
1) Lower Body Strength - Legs, Thighs, Bums
2) Upper Body Strength - Arms, Chest, Back, Shoulders
3) Core / Abs
4) Cardio + Strength Fat Burning (Short & Intense)
5) 7 Steps to Permanent Weight Loss video

More Useful Playlists:
1) Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss
2) Full Workout and Meal Plans

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