March On The Spot

By Joanna 01/04/2017 In
Exercise Library
Total Body
Low Impact


Equipment Needed:

Workout Type:
Cardio, low impact

Body Focus:


• Begin by standing with the feet shoulder-width apart, hand by your side.
• Engage your core, lift your left knee toward your chest, bending your leg to 90°.
• At the same time, swing the right arm forward, and the left arm backward.
• Then switch quickly, driving your right knee toward your chest, so right knee is up before left foot lands. That’s one rep.
• Without pausing, repeat the moves by lifting the right leg and swinging the left arm forward so you are marching on the spot.

Useful Tips:
• Remember to pace your breathing!
• Look forward to maintain a neutral spine.
• Draw your shoulders back, chest up and abs tight.
• Land softly on the balls of your feet.

You should feel your:
• Quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves.

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