High Punches

By Joanna 01/04/2017 In
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Upper Body
Low Impact


Equipment Needed:

Workout Type:
Cardio, low impact

Body Focus:


• Stand with your feet a little wider than hip-width apart, bending the knees slightly. Make fists and place your arms bent in front of you at about chin level. Squeeze your shoulder blades together, chest up and engage the abs.
• Punch your left arm upward over your shoulder toward the ceiling and bring it back in front of you. Switch and punch your left arm upward. That’s one rep.
• Repeat this as quickly as you can for a desired number of reps or duration.

Useful Tips:
• Keep your chest up, back flat and look ahead.
• Do not let your knees collapse to the inside or go over your toes.
• Keep your non-punching hand by your chin.
• Don’t hold your breath. Remember to breathe throughout.

You should feel your:
• Shoulders and triceps.

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