4 Times Abs

By Joanna 01/04/2017 In
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Low Impact


Equipment Needed:

Workout Type:
Core conditioning, low impact

Body Focus:


• Lie on your back and keep your feet extended straight on the floor. Place your hands loosely behind your head.
• Lift both legs up so that your heels are just about 2 to 3 inches off the ground. This is your starting position.
• As you breathe out, raise your left leg until it is almost perpendicular to the floor, followed by your right leg.
• Hold for 2 counts and lower your left leg followed by the right leg to the starting position, without touching the floor. That’s one rep.
• Repeat the exercise, alternating the leading leg.

Useful Tips:
• Do not just let your legs fall. Keep your core tight to slowly lower them down, while resisting the force of gravity.
• You should only lower your legs as far down as you can, within arching and lifting your lower back off the floor.
• Keep your legs straight, back and shoulders glued to the floor throughout.
• Don’t rush, control the movements to engage the right muscles.

You should feel your:
• Lower abs and hip extensors.

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