Under 300 Calorie Lunch-To-Go (Weight Loss Recipes)

By Joanna 24/09/2013 In
Lunch / Dinner

I am so excited to share with you my quick and easy Lunch-To-Go idea which is under 300 calories. So if your are struggling to find the time to cook or you are struggling to eat healthy, these recipes are for you. All of the ingredients that I have chosen either does not need to be cooked or they can be bought ready from local supermarket. Therefore it only take 5 minutes to prepare them. It is quick, large in portion, low in calorie and you will lose weight.

1) Lunch 1 (Prawn Pita Pockets) – Grab & Go

1) One Whole Wheat Pita Bread = 142cals
2) 1 tbsp of Low Fat Greek yoghurt = 16cals
3) 3oz / 85g of Prawns (about 7 large prawns) = 88.5cals – **100g = 104cals
4) 1/8 of an Avocado = 34.5cals
5) 80g of sliced Tomatoes (1 medium tomato) = 14.5cals
6) 1 tsp of Lemon for flavour = 1cal
**Add Lettuce at the side **It’s considered free food because of the low calorie.

Total cals = 296.5 cals

1) Slice the pita bread into 2
2) Mix the yoghurt, prawns, avocado and lemon
3) Tuck the sliced tomatoes into the pitas and add the creamy prawn mixture into the pitas.
4) Wrap the pitas with kitchen foil and it’s ready to go!

2) Lunch 2 (Spicy Grilled Chicken Salad) – Protein packed

1) 50g of Lettuce = 7.5cals
**Or as much lettuce as you want as Lettuce is considered “Free Food”.
2) 15g of Goat’s Cheese = 40cals
3) 100g of sliced Tomatoes (1 medium tomato) = 18cals
4) 3.5oz / 100g of Grilled Chicken = 164.5cals
5) 30g of Hot Salsa Sauce = 10cals
**Option: Your favourite salad dressing
6) 1 tbsp of Mixed Seeds = 57.5cals

Mix all the ingredients together, pack your protein packed salad into a large lunch box and it’s ready to go.

Total Cals = 297.5cals

3) Lunch 3 (Rainbow CousCous Salad) – Vegan: Packed with Protein

1) 40g of uncooked Whole Wheat Couscous (which will be 90g cooked) = 103cals
2) 100g of sliced Tomatoes (1 medium tomato) = 18cals
3) ¼ can of drained & rinsed Red Beans (which is about 60g) = 56cals
4) ¼ of drained & rinsed Chickpeas (which is about 60g) = 65.5cals
5) 50g of frozen Sweet Corn & Peas = 41cals
6) 1 tsp of Lemon for flavour
**Option: You may add other vegetables of your choice, garlic or onion.

Total cals = 283.5cals

1) Cook the 40g of couscous with 80ml of water . If you are using pre-cooked couscous (which is commonly found in the market today), place your couscous in a bowl, and add the 80ml of very hot or simmering (not boiling) water and cover it for 5-10mins. You may also add some vegetable stock for flavour. After 5-10mins, gently break apart and fluff the cooked couscous with a fork.
2) Allow the frozen sweet corn and peas to thaw.
3) Gently heat up the red beans and chickpeas.
4) Once all the ingredients are ready, just mix them into a large lunch box container, drizzle with some lemon and it’s ready to go!


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