Extremely Healthy Zucchini Bread (Weight Loss Recipes)

By Joanna 18/04/2014 In

The typical Zucchini bread recipe calls for added oil and sugar. For my recipe, we want to replace them with banana and honey. And instead of using white or whole wheat flour, I’ll be using a combination of rye and oat flour.

Of course you may still use whole wheat, however it is worth noting that rye contains higher fibre in comparison to wheat. Rye keeps you satisfied for longer as the fiber in rye bread has a high water binding capacity that expands during digestion and produces a great feeling of fullness.

It is also low in Glycemic Index, so rye bread is recommended for a healthy weight maintenance or weight loss.

To make my Rye Zucchini Bread, the ingredients you’ll need are:

Ingredients (Serves 14)

- 1 ½ cups Rye Flour (153g) – 465Cals
- ½ cup Oat Flour (60g) – 222Cals
- 1 tbsp Baking Powder
- 1½ cup Zucchini, shredded – 66Cals
**1 ½ medium zucchini
- 2 tbsp Honey (42g) – 128Cals
- 2 Eggs – 156Cals
- ¼ cup Milk (62.5ml) – 31Cals
- 1 large Banana, mashed – 121Cals
- 1 tsp Vanilla Extract – 12Cals
- ½ tsp Mixed Herbs / Cinnamon / Nutmeg
TOTAL CALS: 1201 / 14 = 86Cals

1. Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees Celsius / 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
2. Start by shredding the zucchinis with a grater or food processor just like what I’m doing.
3. In one bowl, combine all the dry ingredients: rye flour, oat flour, baking powder and mixed herbs.
4. In another bowl, mash the banana, whisk in the eggs, then add the milk, honey and vanilla extract. Mix them well.
5. Then combine the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients. Finally, add in the shredded zucchini and continue mixing until you have a thick and moist batter.
6. Grease one loaf pan with cooking spray.
7. Pour the batter into the loaf pan and make sure it is level in the pan.
8. Then bake it in the oven for 50 – 60mins or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.
9. Allow the Zucchini Bread to cool down for 15 minutes before removing from pan. Then cool it down again for another 15 minutes before slicing.

Your zucchini bread should be slightly moist. Each loaf makes about 14 slices and each slice has 86 Calories. You can eat it on it’s own, or you may choose to spread some jam, peanut butter or top it up with poached egg. For me, I like to have 2 slices for breakfast – 1 slice with jam, another with poached egg.

This bread is so healthy and packed full of fibre from the rye, oats and zucchini. It has no added sugar and no oil, hence being lower in calories as well. It is a great way to pack in your vegetable from the zucchini, fruit from banana, complex carbs from rye and oats and protein from the eggs.

I would definitely suggest this for breakfast to boost your metabolism, energy and to curb hunger.


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