By Joanna 10/05/2018 In
Meal Plans

Hi everyone, the month of Ramadan is fast approaching and this is the perfect time to make significant changes to your lifestyle. I want you to have a fit & healthy Ramadan. So I’ve created a 28-day Ramadan Meal Plan to guide you through.

Fasting during the month of Ramadan is a perfect time to reset your mind and body, to really start understanding your relationship with food and to appreciate the food you’ve been blessed with. So start preparing your mind and body by making changes to your food intake right now. You can do that by reducing on sugary, salty and fatty foods.

So let this month be the month where you focus on your wellbeing not just physically but mentally and spiritually as well.

Follow the meal plan. Print them out. Share your daily progress with me Tag me @JoannaSohOfficial and #FitterFasting.

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