There's More to Life Than Exercising

By Joanna 22/06/2017 In
Fitness Tips

No, I don't workout for the "6 packs" or the back muscles. I'm not obsessed with getting my body to look a certain way. I'm not obsessed over counting my calories or going crazy about my food intake. I don't stare at the mirror everyday and wish that my thighs or waist are smaller.

In fact, I don't allow fitness to dictate my life. I have a very relaxed approach. There's so much more to life than just "working out". Fitness should add on and support your life in a positive manner instead of taking over your life.

I workout because I love to sweat and stink! LOL! On a serious note, fitness to me is more than the physic, besides training the body, it's about training the mind. I stay active because it keeps me focused, discipline, gives me energy to do the important things in life, I feel strong and heck, I enjoy it! You got to have FUN, alright? xx

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